Day Two

Slap-dash t-shirt number three and the mushroom skirt. It was quite hot today so no cape, and yes, the bag is still not finished.

I realize now how see-through this shirt is, but oh well, it sure is comfy and the car trim makes me so happy. I spied a cute pinafore in Anthropologie a while back and as soon as I make one I am sure this will be my go-to-shirt for wearing underneath it.

Wow, what a day I had. Sis and I got up early and decided to head out to Berkeley to do some clothes/fabric shopping. Obviously I could not participate in the clothes shopping, so instead I bought a handmade notebook and a mechanical pencil and proceeded to sketch and notate designs that we found in the store that seemed easy to make. Sis got a ton of cool clothes and I got a ton of cool ideas. Then we headed over to StoneMountain & Daughter, an amazing fabric store in Berkeley that I had never been to, mostly because I knew I would spend all my money. I ended up spending a bit more than I intended, but I got a ton of stretch knit pieces to make more shirts, some lovely fabrics for a couple button down shirts, and some trims and oil cloth for fun. I also have a very funny special project I will reveal in a couple of days when I finish my accessories and post them on here in more detail.

Sis and I spent the evening sewing and it was so much fun! She is always an inspiration, especially when it comes to fashion because she is one of the most stylish people I know! Cannot wait to see what we come up with tomorrow, and more pictures are on the way.


  1. Yay! I visited the Bay Area for the first time last fall and spent quite a bit of time (and $$) at Stone Mountain & Daughter. Loved it!

  2. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Did your boss comment on wearing these clothes to work ? is she ok with it? maybe you could wear some toy related fabric and blend in with the merchandise...just kidding :)

  3. Lol, luckily my boss is not in the store most of the time so I can dress like a freak if I feel like it.

  4. Anonymous7:25 PM

    not a freek ...just one of a kind :)