Etsy Update!

I've made a bunch of greeting cards out of vintage cards and postcards I received from a stranger in the mail a while back. They're really fun to make and I love the way they look en masse. I'm listing them a few at a time in my etsy shop as the week goes on, and I hope to have all of them in there soon. There's a lot of Christmas cards and some birthday/anytime ones as well, and the shipping is free just for fun. Hope you like them!


Pattern Testers Needed!

Well, I've had one heck of a week. Last weekend Dennis and I went on vacation for our 6 month anniversary. We had the most wonderful time! We stayed in a B&B at the beach, pigged out on crab, swam in the ocean, did touristy stuff, all and all just had a romantic and relaxing weekend.

Until the drive home...
It was late at night and we were 2 exits away from home when I hit a wheel rim lying in the middle of the slow lane. I was only going about 40 because everyone in front of me was slowing down, then the guy in front of me zipped into the other lane and I saw it... I checked my mirrors and there were cars to the left and behind, and a wall to the right with no shoulder because we were on an overpass. Dad always taught me not to swerve, so I just hit it. Sparks were flying out the back of the car and we ground to a hault at the top of the bridge. I turned the car off and put the hazards on and called 911. It seemed like forever until the cops got there. It was so scary because we couldn't get off the freeway - all the oil poured out of my car and was running down the hill. We sat tight but because we were on the top of a hill no one coming could see us and many barely missed us, and one guy was driving too fast and clipped my bumper and kept on going. Thank God neither of us got hurt!
Eventually the cops stopped traffic and set up flares. They had to jack my car up and get the rim out, then they pushed us off the freeway and I got towed to a garage. Luckily the garage was within walking distance of Dennis' house so I stayed there. When I called work to let them know I wasn't coming in I got another fun suprise: I had an urgent e-mail waiting for me and I wasn't supposed to come in anyhow. Yup, due to the economy and thusly sales taking a dive, Art Fibers can't afford to keep me on anymore. Worst monday of my life. But the car's been fixed now (thank you so much Dad), and I'm due to start a new job on Monday and hopefully all will return to normal.

So anywho, on to more happy matters! Since I've had some extra time lately I've been making stuff here and there, and there's a new purse and some mug cozies for sale in my etsy shop. Also, I wrote up a pattern for the mug cozies because they're super nifty and only use one skein of yarn. I want to offer it for sale in my shop but I need some pattern testers first. I think 5 will be enough. If you want to be a pattern tester leave me a comment on this post and a way to contact you or just e-mail me at ohthecuteness@hotmail.com and I'll randomly select 5 people and e-mail the pattern for feedback. Right now it's only in word document form so the testers will need to be PC users. But if there's some Mac users out there who really want to try, I'll be happy to send the pattern to you via snail mail. Thanks in advance to everyone, and I hope you're having a better week than I am! Lol.


Ikea Hack Ironing Board!

Well, I've got some sewing projects in the works, and some very wrinkly pieces of fabric that needed ironing. But I have no ironing board, nor do I have much space to set one up. I've been scheeming this little beauty for quite some time now:It's a small rotating ironing board made from a large lazy susan I got at Ikea! I got the idea from Ikea Hacker via Whipup. But appearantly the original idea came from a blog called Redwork in Germany. This is such a fun idea; it's small enough to fit on my desk and since it swivels you don't have to keep repositioning the fabric. It works just as well with a full size iron as it does with the Clover Mini-Iron. Over at Redwork, they gathered the material around the turntable and secudred it with a drawstring. Not being all that patient, I just took a half yard of fabric, cut it in half (the resulting square is the perfect size for the large turntable), cut a piece of needlepunch batting to the same size and took the staple gun to it all.Upholstering something is way easier than most people think, you just have to make sure you pull everything tight. It helps to hammer down the staples afterwards, then just trim off the excess fabric and voila!
Oh, by the way, check out my awesome new sewing scissors! I have a good pair already, but how could I pass up ones covered in skulls? How?! And the fabric, of course, is from Superbuzzy. <3