Okay, I've finally started to crochet again and I hope never to stop again. The reason being, I finally found a pattern for aminekos that isn't in Japanese. For everyone who's going "What the heck are aminekos?", they're these: The absolute cutest amigurumi cats I've ever seen. I was so enamored with them, and yet so bummed that there was no English pattern, and Babblefish doesn't help me. So I gave up looking for one months ago, and appearantly after that everyone else on the planet discovered them too. Now there's someone selling a knock-off verion of the pattern for 4$ online, but I don't like the way her cats came out. So I spent forever searching and finally found someone who had translated the origional pattern and posted it on their blog. Thank God! To her, if she ever reads this, I have to say "Thank you sooooooooooooo much!". These little cats are just too cool. I'm working on a red one as we speak, and should be done in a couple of days. Hope it doesn't get stolen (knock on wood). I'll post pictures when I'm done. Peace.