I've Been Busy...

Another shop update! I've got a ton of new stuff up in the shop just in time for the after-Thanksgiving-shopathon. All of the cards I made are finally listed. Took me long enough, I know. They were quick and fun to make but I didn't think of how long it was going to take to list over 40 of them while I was making them. Oh well, they're in there now, I just hope some of them sell so it'll be worth all my time and effort, lol.

Along with the bagillion cards I have for you *ghasp* SEVEN, count 'em, seven new owl pincushions with more on the way soon enough. It's been over a year since I've made some, but I got burnt out after making so many and I needed a break. I'm enjoying it again now and I'll try not to do so many that I get sick of them.

Also in the store are some lovely new crochet accessories I've been working on, as well as some made by my mom. So stop by and get some Christmas shopping done early! Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!


Shop Update!

Just letting you all know that the new items I made this week are up for sale in the etsy shop, along with a great pair of vintage costume jewelry clip-on earrings I found at an antique store while I was looking for vintage tea towels. More on that later. Be back soon!


Beads and more beads!

Dennis and I went to Ikea a little while ago and ended up bying an inexpensive, huge tub of Hama beads. You remember Hama beads, right? Those little plastic cylinders you put on a special little pegboard in pretty patterns. Then hopefully you get to iron them together before something terrible happens to it and you have to start over again. It's tedious and actually pretty hard to do, it's a wonder kids like them so much. I'm not yet convinced Dennis has the patience for them, but I ended up finding lots of inspiration at an awesome blog called Sprite Stitch. I love old school video games and have been wanting to incorporate them into my crafting for a long time. So I decided to make a set of coasters featuring the mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers!
They'll be up in the etsy shop soon. I want to do some with Final Fantasy characters on them and some PacMan ones too. In other news, I've got a bunch of new kinds of beautiful vintage beads for sale in The Slug. My personal favorites are some I found at an antique store in Alameda:
Unfortunately I don't have many of them, I want more so I can make a big strechy bracelet for myself. I hear tell there may be some floating around the flea market next month, so keep your fingers crossed! They remind me of toadstool mushrooms, a theme I've been really into lately. Hopefully soon I'll have some mushroom-themed goodness in my etsy shop as well.


Busy Bee

Ahh, the craft table's all nice and clean and it's been so nice to spend the day working on crafty goodness. After a year of living here I finally put that ribbon rack up in its proper place a couple of days ago. I made it from a couple cheap pine mini shelves and dowels from the craft store. Only other thing needed is a drill.

I finished a scarf made from ArtFibers yarns. It's made from red and pink Quipu and orange Valparaiso. Instead of weaving in the ends of yarn as I switched colors, I left them loose and tied them with weaver's knots, then trimmed the fringe to 3/4" and I adore it! I still can't decide whether to keep it or sell it, but selling usually wins out.

I finished a little zakka lunchbag that I started lord knows how long ago. It's crocheted from cream, chocolate, and robin's egg blue yarns and the pattern is from one of my many Japanese craft books. They always turn out smaller than you think they will, but somehow they're still the perfect size; fits a soda, sandwich, and fruit just fine. I lined it with a vintage cloth napkin I found at a thrift store and added a vintage basketweave linen handle. I'll probably do a shop update sometime early next week.

I also made a pillow to photograph etsy stuff on which will hopefully make it easier for me to get things listed faster. I just couldn't find a consistently good way to photograph my stuff in this new home, but this may be it! Keep your fingers crossed.

And lastly I made a papercut inspired by this one from Craftstylish. I want to mount it on the handmade paper I photographed it on, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I tried writing a poem on it, but it wouldn't fit. I'll have to think on that one for a while. Oh yeah, and I got all of the halloween decorations put away. I hope this trend of getting things done keeps going, it feels good! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be making brownies and chicken pot pie for dinner (probably not in that order, lol) and squeeze in some crafting since I've already turned in my absentee vote. Don't forget to vote!


Just a quick update...

I added a rediculous ammount of links in the "Favorite Fellow Bloggers" section further down on this page. I had so many neat blogs languishing in my disorganized favorites file that I just had to do something about it. Now at least they're all in one place for easy access, and hopefully that means I'll read them more often and get more inspiration. (Speaking of inspiration, I'm loving those pink dahlias I got at the farmer's market, so pretty! I need to do that more often.) Major shout outs to everyone, so go check out all the new blogs!

In other news, I've been working on some hand-sewing projects, but mostly just little things here and there. The constantly chaotic craft table was cleaned up for the Halloween party, so hopefully it will stay that way long enough for me to get some real work done on my day off. Of course, that's never going to happen unless I get my butt off to bed. 'Night!


Happy Halloween!

I have a large collection of paper buckets, but I never could afford the antique ones. The large cat and devil are handmade by my mother and me. We used strips of brown craft paper dipped in liquid starch and layered them around balloons. Then we cut holes for the eyes and mouths and painted details on construction paper inserts. The designs are based on some of our favorite antique ones. Cheesecloth adds a spooky touch.
The kitchen looked really cute this year with little vignettes on the built-ins.
It was Dennis' idea to put the big spider behind the TV. I really like the way he looks and don't really want to take him down.
While visiting my parents we went to San Luis Obispo and there was this eight foot tall lego storm trooper walking around downtown. It was so cool!