Cool Weather BBQ

Karol hosted a backyard BBQ at his house some time back and I just wanted to share some of my favorite snap shots. I love gatherings like this; a little potluck in a big back yard full of fruit trees, some tandem bike rides, and then a toasty fire pit started up as the night came down. I've been bad about forgetting to bring my camera with me to things lately and I'm making a Spring resolution to get better about it haha. I wonder if there's a market for people who don't have photographer friends to hire me to come shoot their really small gatherings for a tiny fee and some noms... Hmm. As always, there's more photos on my flickr (you need to scroll down a little on the page).

 Karol manning the BBQ.

 My two favorite guys!

 Love this pic of Karol & his roommate Alaxka.

 Karol, keeping warm.

 Megan warming her toes by the fire.

 Megan and Miles taking the tandem for a spin...

And then me and Karol. Someday when I actually feel comfortable enough to let go of the handle bars (which don't do anything on the back half anyhow), I am going to play my ukulele while we ride around Oakland and spread joy to everyone we pass!