Time to spread the cuteness!

Well, like I said, mom's going to start selling my little handmade goodies on her ebay store, Holiday Habit, and I figured I'd give my readers a sneak peak at what we're selling, so here you go (this is only part one):
The owls are made from Halloween and fall fabrics, felt, and vintage glass beads. They look so cute all together like that! I'll be making more later on for Christmas and also some made out of just plain, pretty, non-themed fabric for any time of year. The cats are double layered potholders, with vintage buttons, all hand embroidederd, etc., and they're made from my own pattern! I'm really proud of them. Also, the red Amineko I posted a while back will be going up for sale to a good home. I'm also making two more cupcakes - chocolate ones with orange papers, and sprinkles and faces from vintage beads for the season, possibly a dozen or so acorns, and two sets of hand-stitched country style stuffed fabric ornaments. Whew. I'm not sure how much mom will charge for all the different things, but I'm selling them to her whosale so they should be nice and affordable. I'll post pictures of everything else before I send them off.
Last but not least, I'd like to extend an offer to anyone who reads this site: all of the things I'm making right now are fall or Halloween themed because that's what mom's store is all about, but if there's a certain special something you'd like I'd be happy to make something custom and send it to you for the same price. My new specialty are the little ball bears pictured below, made from my own pattern, and various styles are available. Let me know!



I made these little guys for my new buddy Anke for a PIF on nervousness.org. They're not terribly big, but, as you can see, they make good pincushons. The little white one was the first one I made, so I decided to keep him. My mom fell in love with them too, so I'm making her one to keep and a dozen more to sell on her e-bay shop, Holiday Habit. So if anyone wants one, keep a look out on her site!