Sewing Tutorials

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Sewing Tutorials:

A complete photo tutorial for beginners who want to learn quilting techniques!

Moon Phase Baby Quilt (Intermediate Difficulty)
This quick and simple quilt is great as a crib quilt for a baby or a lap quilt for an adult.

Made famous by my banner, make these and keep them around the house; so much fun!

Turn an old skirt and an old shirt into an awesome new dress! Super easy!

This photo tutorial gives you all the techniques needed to make any size curtain.

Steeking a Sweater! (Intermediate Difficulty)
How to sew a zipper into a sweater without unraveling it. Nerve wracking but easily done with the right techniques.

Pillows are so expensive in stores, so just sew them instead!

Fast, fun, and it only cost about 50 cents for materials!

A great way to make good use of upholstery fabric samples!

I made lots of these quick tees for Me-Made-May, they sew up super fast!

You can make this skirt in about 10 minutes, and all you need is fabric and elastic!

Magic Jeans How-To (Intermediate Difficulty)
How to convert big men's jeans into high-waisted capris in a pinch!

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