Holiday Recap

Well, the holidays just flew by, much like they do every year. It seems like I get so busy, mostly because working at a toy store during Christmas entails ten hour days and hellish commutes, that I never have time to post anything on here for the duration of the season. Things have finally slowed down and I have plenty of free time, which I really should be spending crafting. I have started working again on the red plaid quilt that Dennis and I started forever ago. Now that I know more about quilting I have a better game plan in place to finish it in time for picnic season. I really need to get cracking on sewing projects because I am running out of knit and crochet stuff to finish and then I will have nothing to bring to S&B!

Anywho, I just wanted to share some fun photos of my holiday shenanigans with everyone that I did not get to see this year...


I actually managed to decorate the house this year, which was wonderful! Last year we did not even get a tree and I was so sad. And my friend Alex had a great holiday party at her house and it was so wonderful. This girl definitely knows how to entertain! You can see more Christmas pictures and the full-res versions of these on my flickr here.

New Year's:
Dennis, Aaron, Star, and I got to do karaoke a few days before the new year. Then my friend Vanessa had a lovely party at her place, it was so much fun! You can see more pics and the full-res versions of these at my flickr, here.