Shit Happens...

I know I haven't posted anything on here in a really long time, but I've got a good reason for it. First of all, that sushi roll toilet paper cover is no more. My car was broken into and they made off with my stereo and my backpack (luckily they didn't make off with my 50 pound cement sculpture in the back seat, and it also prevented them from stealing my brand new car battery (yes, my battery is under the back seat)). And, contained within my backpack was all of my class notes, a calculator, some inexpensive jewelry, my checkbook, and my recent crochet project. Funny thing is, someone found my notes, checkbook, and Nintendo wristband down the street and were able to send them to my father (thank goodness for them), but not my crochet. Maybe the crooks kept it. Who knows.
Anywho, I've been trying to get things back together since then, because not having my notes for so long kind of screwed up my classes. And on top of that I had to close my old bank account because of the checkbook being stolen, which has been a pain in the butt. I haven't had any time to crochet between going back to school, being able to hang out with my friends again, and planning for the holidays. But I hope over break I'll start on some Christmas presents for my grandma and sister.But I do have some good news: my Halloween party was a succcess. Here are some pictures:

The whole spread really made the party. I had tons of creepy food and drinks. You can visit my halloween website to see more pictures and learn how to make all of the ghoulish goodies.

Here's some close-ups of the Kitty Litter Cake, Cheesey Goblin Head, Brain Jell-o, and Meathead.