How-Tuesday #8!

Alrighty! This week we have custom-made birthday candles, a beautiful shadowbox, and adorable fast-food-themed cupcakes!

These birthday candles from Martha Stewart looks so fun and easy! I cannot wait to try this one! Here is the tutorial.

This is such a sweet way to display memories from an important vacation, instead of just a scrapbook. The beautifully done tutorial is here.

And for the finale, these adorable cupcake burgers and cookie fries! I don't know what it is about food shaped like other food, but why fight it? The recipe and tutorial is here.


How-Tuesday #7!

Hey there! This week we have a recipe for a sweet take on chips and salsa, a cool hardware store bracelet, and a secret box made from a book!

This looks like a fun and delicious recipe. Fruit salsa with a sweet cinnamon-sugar version of tortilla chips. Here is the recipe!

This bracelet is great, and you can easily get all the supplies for next to nothing from a hardware store or even your own toolbox. The great photo tutorial is here.

And lastly, a fun little tutorial for turning an old book into a secret box to store valuables. Here is the how-to.


How-Tuesday #6!

How-Tuesday gets technical this week with a sleek word clock, a disappearing nine patch quilt, and a sweetly illustrated chai latte syrup recipe!

This awesome clock looks like an intimidating amount of work, but hey, I know how to solder and hot glue and cut cardboard, which is really all it takes. That and this amazing instructable.

This quilt block looks like it took forever to make but it starts out as a simple nine-patch block. Check out the tutorial here.

Check out this link to a sweet comic that shows you how to make chai latte syrup for quick lattes in the morning.
Bonus! The above picture comes from an amazing blog called Une-deux senses. I happened upon it via Google images and I am adding her to the blogroll right now!


How-Tuesday #5!

How Tuesday gets a little intense this week with flaming strawberry cupcakes, an Anthropologie-inspired mirror, and a cute little 2-fold wallet.

These cupcakes look absolutely amazing, delicious, and slightly dangerous. You can find the recipe here.

This mirror is a perfect weekend project, not to mention a perfect knock-off of a $500 Anthropologie product! Here is the how-to.

This little card wallet is great for a night out when all you need is some cash and your ID. The pattern can be found here.


How-Tuesday #4!

Happy How-Tuesday! This week we have a to-die-for turnover recipe, a pretty feather manicure, and scrabble tile pendants!

These delicious peanut butter s'mores recipe looks absolutely amazing. Oh and did we notice that they are topped with marshmallow cream? Hell yes. The recipe can be found here.

I have never been much of one for doing my nails, though I did just recently indulge in a twenty dollar bottle of large glitter polish from some hoighty-toighty designer brand, I digress. But my love of feathers means that this will probably be on my fingers soon. The instructions are here.

I always see these pendants on etsy and I just found this great tutorial for them! Now I just need to find that bunch of scrabble tiles I was saving for just such an opportunity. Check out the tutorial here.