How-Tuesday #6!

How-Tuesday gets technical this week with a sleek word clock, a disappearing nine patch quilt, and a sweetly illustrated chai latte syrup recipe!

This awesome clock looks like an intimidating amount of work, but hey, I know how to solder and hot glue and cut cardboard, which is really all it takes. That and this amazing instructable.

This quilt block looks like it took forever to make but it starts out as a simple nine-patch block. Check out the tutorial here.

Check out this link to a sweet comic that shows you how to make chai latte syrup for quick lattes in the morning.
Bonus! The above picture comes from an amazing blog called Une-deux senses. I happened upon it via Google images and I am adding her to the blogroll right now!


  1. that chai sounds so easy. gotta do it.

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    cute quilt...yummy chai !