Fuji Instax Giveaway!

The Plaid Barn, a really cool closeout craft supply daily deal company, is giving away a Fuji Instax with 5 rolls of film! I entered, so wish me luck, and if you want to enter too here's the link: http://www.theplaidbarn.com/giveaway/
The giveaway ends August 10th so do it soon!


Wow, summer is awesome.

I can't believe it's been almost two months since my last post. I listed all of the craft fairs I had planned for the summer, which I knew would take up a good amount of my time, but I had no idea how full my schedule would be or that this would turn out to be one of the best summers of my life! I have so, so, so much to catch everyone up on. I just finished editing the last of the photos and am trying to figure out where to start... (By the way, the photo counter on my camera rolled over this past weekend, which means that I have taken over 10,000 photographs with it in less than two years. That feels like a fun milestone to me.) In the past couple moths I have been working my butt off for both of my jobs, as well as running around to tons of fairs. I've camped, I've explored, I've kayaked, I've gotten tan, I've partied, I've made new friends and become closer with the old ones, I've got a lush and successful garden for the first time in years, I've immersed myself in art, craft, food, music, and photography, and I've danced the night away. And now, on top of it all, I can finally relax.
So to play catchup, I guess I'll start with the National Yarn Bombing Day/ Knitting in Public Week celebration that the Stitch & Bitch girls and I had.

We decided to yarn bomb Splash Pad Park by Lake Merritt since the Oakland Fiber Festival was going to be held there in a month, and we wanted our installation to be a part of it. As you can see from the picture above, we wrapped strips around the row of trees that goes across the park. Most of the strips were actually scarves my mom has made me over the years, and I thought this was a way cooler way of using them instead of giving them away when it came time to cull my massive collection. We also put a few swatches to good use around poles and parking meters.

You can check out detail shots of each tree in my flickr set, as well as see photos of our friend's new puppy, just cuz he's so stinkin' cute! Anywho, the day after our very successful yarn bombing (and yes, they're still up two months later), we got together for our usual Stitch & Bitch meetup except we held it outdoors in the park by the lake, and Erin made cake!

Did I mention I have the greatest group of friends ever? I don't think I could ever say it enough; I love these girls!

Well, that's one event down and, like, 40 to go. I hope everyone else is having as much fun this summer as I am! What has been your favorite thing you've done so far? I'd love to hear it!