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Baked oatmeal is a breakfast revelation for me, and can be made with any fruit.

Inspired by the local spice shop, and possibly my most favorite dessert, it is a true crowd-pleaser.

My favorite oatmeal cookie recipe, it makes a ton of crisp, chewy cookies.

I've finally cracked the cookie code for the perfect fluffy, chewy peanut butter cookie!

Easy, no canning required, and can be made with a variety of veggies.

Heady with a boozy aroma and thick with butter, this is a truly indulgent cake that goes great with tea.

The most beautifully decadent way to showcase spring leeks and fennel!

My boyfriend's favorite salad, it's hearty enough to be a main dish and so delicious!

A whole day's worth of camping recipes, including a special bacon s'more.

Inspired by the classic 7-layer dip, this is the dip that most personifies the Super Bowl. Go sports!

Tart green zebra tomatoes from the farmer's market pair nicely with sweet fennel in these pickles.

Three layers of banana bread, filled with bananas and sweet peanut butter, iced in dark chocolate!

Meatloaf is baked in tiny muffin cups and topped with piped mashed potatoes. Too cute!

Use these recipes at your next party; there's something for everyone and your event is sure to stand out!

I make these for every party where I know my vegan friends will be, and they're always snatched up quick!

Two frozen crusts make this apple pie quick, easy, and delicious!

Use your backyard plums, damsons, or bird cherries to make this sweet-tart sheet cake!

This cake has a beautiful crumb and a lovely pink color thanks to blanched blood oranges.

This muffin recipe is a classic and can take as many mix-ins as you want!

This simple salad lets the heirloom tomatoes of the season shine, and only takes a few ingredients.

A low-sugar pie made from pantry items, for those nights when you know you need a lot of pie for yourself.

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