Just a quick update...

I added a rediculous ammount of links in the "Favorite Fellow Bloggers" section further down on this page. I had so many neat blogs languishing in my disorganized favorites file that I just had to do something about it. Now at least they're all in one place for easy access, and hopefully that means I'll read them more often and get more inspiration. (Speaking of inspiration, I'm loving those pink dahlias I got at the farmer's market, so pretty! I need to do that more often.) Major shout outs to everyone, so go check out all the new blogs!

In other news, I've been working on some hand-sewing projects, but mostly just little things here and there. The constantly chaotic craft table was cleaned up for the Halloween party, so hopefully it will stay that way long enough for me to get some real work done on my day off. Of course, that's never going to happen unless I get my butt off to bed. 'Night!

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