Busy Bee

Ahh, the craft table's all nice and clean and it's been so nice to spend the day working on crafty goodness. After a year of living here I finally put that ribbon rack up in its proper place a couple of days ago. I made it from a couple cheap pine mini shelves and dowels from the craft store. Only other thing needed is a drill.

I finished a scarf made from ArtFibers yarns. It's made from red and pink Quipu and orange Valparaiso. Instead of weaving in the ends of yarn as I switched colors, I left them loose and tied them with weaver's knots, then trimmed the fringe to 3/4" and I adore it! I still can't decide whether to keep it or sell it, but selling usually wins out.

I finished a little zakka lunchbag that I started lord knows how long ago. It's crocheted from cream, chocolate, and robin's egg blue yarns and the pattern is from one of my many Japanese craft books. They always turn out smaller than you think they will, but somehow they're still the perfect size; fits a soda, sandwich, and fruit just fine. I lined it with a vintage cloth napkin I found at a thrift store and added a vintage basketweave linen handle. I'll probably do a shop update sometime early next week.

I also made a pillow to photograph etsy stuff on which will hopefully make it easier for me to get things listed faster. I just couldn't find a consistently good way to photograph my stuff in this new home, but this may be it! Keep your fingers crossed.

And lastly I made a papercut inspired by this one from Craftstylish. I want to mount it on the handmade paper I photographed it on, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I tried writing a poem on it, but it wouldn't fit. I'll have to think on that one for a while. Oh yeah, and I got all of the halloween decorations put away. I hope this trend of getting things done keeps going, it feels good! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be making brownies and chicken pot pie for dinner (probably not in that order, lol) and squeeze in some crafting since I've already turned in my absentee vote. Don't forget to vote!

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