A new week and a winner!

Alrighty! Since no one has guessed it spot-on yet, I will tell you...
I was looking for the words "sun hat" but I suppose "hat" will have to do, but mom said she did not think she would need the fabric to sew a t-shirt. I will send her a runner-up prize that she will like instead *wink*.

So the pretty blue and green leafy fabric will go to
See Jane Sew, who got as close as anyone could with her answer of "My guess? Sunbonnet/hat of some sort..."!

And for her enthusiasm and for also guessing rightish, I will send some jersey fabric of a different kind to
Mama G so she can make a shirt too! Everyone wins!!! Lol. Thanks to everyone who played, and I will keep you informed as to the progress of the sun hat.

Anywho... Sorry for the little hiatus, but we had a big event at work that has kept me pretty well tied up lately. But to play catchup, here is:

Day Seven

My new favorite skirt makes yet another appearance. I think I need to sew a few more of these in other fabrics, especially since laundry day is approaching. The striped shirt has also been seen before, and I will talk about the little vest-thingy very soon.

Day Eight

My favorite outfit again, and to keep it interesting I thought I would use this pic of me and Mrs. Fisher Cat from Calico Critter Day at work. It was a great little event with pictures, prizes, and lots of laughs.

Day Nine

I stayed in my pj's pretty much all day since today was laundry day. I spent a bit of time working on some new pieces that I will show off soon. But at the end of the day I had to run errands so I cobbled together a tank top using one of Dennis' cast-off t-shirts from Wonder Con. It has "A Nightmare on Elm Street" on the back, which is fun. The sweater is one that I made years ago and has not been worn for a year or two. It used to stay on my shoulders but since it was hanging in the closet for so long they have stretched out and now it is a super-funky off the shoulder number. I look like I am from the eighties, which is in style these days so I just went with it. I think I will make a different tank top to wear underneath it and weave a ribbon around the collar so I can gather it back to its original shape.

Day Ten

Same outfit as I wore on day one, with the addition of cute new shoes. They were the one thing I bought from the used clothing store I went to with my sister since shoes are allowed this month. They are second-hand so I feel alright about it. I am still looking into my options to make my own though. I feel like I will want to keep this going even after may is over if I do not have time to make everything!


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  2. Cute skirt - I love border prints!

  3. Awesome! Super cute shoes too! Have to say you're simply "awesome" and amazingly creative!