Days Eleven and Twelve, and some new stuff!

Ta da! Check out my awesome new creation:

Lol, just kidding. This is just the crappy tank top I made out of one of Dennis' old shirts, this being the back, which I wore with my weird sweater in homage to the eighties. I like it but it is not what I came here to show off today. I have some truly neat things to show off:

I call this skirt the "Victorian Cupcake". I am in love with this skirt, it is so flirty and feminine! I adore this fabric, which I got at the CVS Pharmacy by my house a while back. I love toille but it is always too busy for me to buy much of it, but the understated pink bows and scalloped ribbons are just enough for me. I made it using the same method as the Twirly Turnip skirt, but since I only had one yard of the bow fabric I cut it longways into thirds and then joined the panels for a very full and short version. I was thinking about edging it in some giant rickrack in a pink similar to the bows but Dennis kind of vetoed the idea. Plus the skirt was a bit on the short side, good for only my most confident of days, so I used almost all of the Victorian lace I had left to extend the hem. It worked perfectly and I have another amazing skirt that I just want to wear all the time!

Day Eleven

So there is another cute outfit, but it gets better! While sissy was visiting she found me an amazing thermal stretch material at Stonemountain & Daughter on clearance. I love the colors and the little apple trees:

I really wanted this shirt to be a long-sleeve but I just did not have enough fabric so I made it 3/4 length. I had a bit of trouble with the fit on this one because it is much stretchier than anything I have previously worked with, so the first try came out way too baggy. But I took the sides in a little and added a box pleat at the center of the back neckline and now I am very happy with it. I wasn't sure how much this kind of material would fray so instead of leaving the edges raw I did a zigzag stitch over the very edge, kind of like an overlock, and then I did another zigzag a bit further in just to make sure the hems kept their shape and to add a bit of interest.

Day Twelve

And lastly, a while ago I received a box with a huge length of wide black silk ribbon which I folded into a one-inch strip of bias tape and sewed up the side to make my hair ribbon:

It is pretty much the only hair accessory I consistently wear and I just adore it. Recently I found out that the Paper Source near me has a huge selection of the same ribbon in bright hand-painted colors and I want to make some more of these for me and some to sell, but I wonder if anyone would buy a hair ribbon like this? Is it silly to put something like that in my etsy store?


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    headbands are in so yea!

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    i just saw a skirt like it at the clothing store for $36.00...saving money GOOD :)

  3. that skirt is just lovely! perfect for the summer... x

  4. the mushroom top is my fav. now. i love the skirt too. do you know how to make tunic shirt?

  5. the headband idea is so cute! i would totally buy one!

  6. Hi! I just found your blog, and I LOVE the skirt! Such a lovely idea with the lace, I just may have to steal that one from you and make one myself. :)

  7. so cute. so lovely.

  8. I found your blog by way of 'one pretty thing' with your crochet produce bag. When I read your profile statement saying you had more hobbies than is reasonable for one person I had to laugh- I too have way too many hobbies I had to throw out the lounge chair and make a window box seat with lift up lids to stash all my stuff into as it was beginning to take over the house!!!! Then as I read I see you sew in mach the same way as I do too with the t-shirt tutorial. You make some funky clothing. I enjoyed browsing your blog and will give the crocheted bag a go.