Day Three.

Today it was nice and sunny so I decided to wear the re-purposed jeans and my favorite little tank top. Much easier to see how it looks while I am wearing it instead of when it is on a hanger. And check out the back:

Anywho, we went out to the city to
Britex Fabrics among other places. They were having a sale on their remnants so of course I bought more fabric... That's it. No more for the rest of the year! My house is going to explode. But I will be out of new pieces to show off soon, which means I will be making a bunch more and using up more fabric. Sewing clothes is a great stash-buster (So long as you don't use it as an excuse to buy more fabric... *Ahem*). I will be spending tomorrow sewing, gardening, and doing laundry, and I will finish my cape and handbag and post about them too.


  1. oh wow I love the back bit looks amazing

  2. Anonymous6:09 AM

    That's a cute top - great idea!