A Strange Turn of Events... Day Sixteen.

Alrighty, so here is my picture for today, but I must confess I did not make any of it:

Bum bum bum!!! But I have a very valid excuse for this behavior:

Confused yet?

Don't worry, nothing bad has happened to me! Quite to the contrary actually...
At the beginning of the week Dennis sent me an e-mail about a call for people in the bay area to come to San Francisco and be background zombies in a trailer for a new, unnamed, video game. I decided to submit my photo and a bit of info like height and age just for fun to see if I would be picked.

Now, for those of you who don't know, I am kind of obsessed with zombies. I have seen nearly every zombie movie ever made, and I just plain cannot get enough of the stuff. Resident Evil was the first PlayStation game I bought and I am playing number five and the Umbrella Chronicles simultaneously with Dennis at the moment. On the top of my list of reasons to go to the gym and get in shape is to be able to outrun zombies when the apocalypse happens. And one of the top items on my list of things to do before I die is to be an extra in a zombie movie. So, as you can imagine, I about peed my pants when I got a call from PlayStation asking me if I could come and be a zombie for them.

Yup, that really is my excuse. I had to wear clothes that I could get dirty, covered in fake blood, and possibly ruined. They also asked me to bring a set of fancier looking clothes just in case they needed some people to switch it up a bit and look like upscale zombies. So I wore some non-handmade stuff that I did not care about, and also that would keep me warm since I would be out in the San Francisco cold until two in the morning. But I did wear my handmade stuff to work on Saturday, then changed into the costume stuff for the bus ride there. So, I consider that a costume and therefore it was perfectly within my MMM boundaries.

Aubrey ended up going with me, at first just to watch and give moral support, but then she decided to get in on the zombie action as well. Her makeup was understated and therefore unnervingly realistic. Mine, on the other hand, looked like I had died in an explosion in a hair salon in New Jersey. But I like the giant hole in my face, which I got to keep and have wrapped up in a "bloody" paper towel to show my friends, lol. The makeup artist was generous to a fault with the fake blood, squirting it all over my face, including in my nostrils and the sides of my mouth and eyes. It tasted sweet but burned like hell in my eyes. But it eventually my tears washed it away, thank goodness.

We sat around, talked, and ate free food for many hours until we finally got to go down the block to a wide street surrounded by vacant lots and run-down warehouses. And until two in the morning we basically did the usual zombie stuff like running after a delicious live human, shuffling about, and causing mayhem. It was SO MUCH FUN! Better still is the fact that when we got back to the staging area to gather our things, the rep from PlayStation told us that the trailer we just filmed is for Dead Nation, a new co-op zombie game! And not only will we be in the trailer (which will be shown at E3), but the footage will also be used in the intro of the actual video game! Holy crap, I am going to be in a video game!!!

So, long story short, I crashed at Aubrey's house in the Haight and in the morning I realized I had put my sugary, blood covered clothes in with my handmade stuff instead of the fancy extra clothes and got them all gross and sticky. So I had to wear the non-me-made clothing on the bus on the way home to avoid alarming people. But rest assured, I changed as soon as I took the picture when I got home. What an adventure!


  1. Wow, what a cool day that must have been! You look terrifying, I'm a little scared right now.
    And now you're going to be a famous video-game zombie! Yay!

  2. what a an amazing tale! you are the coolest thing since icebergs.