(A close up of my boyfriend book, for sale in my etsy shop.)
Well, I found out how to get in on the next zombie walk. Go to www.eatbrains.com if you want to do it too. And, in my search for other zombies ot congregate with, I found out that there's going to be a flash mob pillow fight at the embarcadero in SF at 6:00 pm on Valentine's Day. But shhh... Don't tell Michael, it's a suprise. He never reads this thing anyhow, lol. I'm starting to slowly list some blank books I made on etsy, hopefully they'll sell. I've been selling a few pairs of earrings lately and I was wondering if anyone out there has tips for how to best package them for shipping. I worry that even if they are wrapped in bubble wrap in an envelope something terrible will happen to them, but I don't have boxes small enough to fit right. Any suggestions? I've been working my butt of on a whole new erray of things for the shop, and if I have any interesting ideas that I think someone else might want to make I'll get them on here.

On a final note, I have to give props to Christina's at etsy, because they're just so kind. I noticed thismorning that they listed a pouch they made (Super cute!) and they had the owl pincushion they bought from me in the picture, and they said in the description to visit my shop! Too sweet, I think I have a friend on etsy now, so I just have to repay the kindness. Their designs are beautiful and you have to check out all the wonderful things they have for sale!!! Thanks Hyein!!!

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