It's Official - I'm in Love!

With Zakka, that is. (Y'all already knew I was in love with my boy toy.) I finished my first zakka purse last night and I absolutely love it. I put it up for sale in my shop, but I'm secretly hoping no one will buy it so I can keep it for myself because it's really cute. I crocheted the basket from jute twine, which was easier than I thought it would be. Then I made the top part out of cotton fabrics and lined it, and I printed a cupcake on a patch of the lining and sewed it to the front. The handles are leather and it's just like the one that inspired me and captured my imagination so long ago. If it does sell, I think I may have to make myself one. I'm going to start making some more purses now, got to go!


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I love the simplicity of this bag.Beautiful.

  2. Thanks! I was really suprised how easily I put it together. I'm no expert on purse construction and I only had a picture to go off of, and usually I mess up here and there and have to redo some seams, etc, but this one just flowed so naturally. I'm glad you like it!