Zombies Attack San Francisco!!!

How do I get in on this for 2007?
It started with five people... Er, zombies... And eventually grew to a mob that went around San Francisco infecting passers by. People who wanted to participate would scream and be mobbed by zombies, get sprayed with fake blood and get their shirt torn a bit, and then they could march along. I say a ruined shirt is a fair price to pay to get in on the fun, and appearantly everyone else did too. The zombie hordes started on market, went to Union Square, and eventually ended up in the Apple store where the rally dispersed. I love it when people do awesome random things like this. I have to find out how to get in on the march this year. This has been done in cities around the world too. Go to www.youtube.com and search for "zombie walk San Francisco" to see some awesome videos!
Things like this remind me of how cool people can be, and of all the things that make life worth living. All the random little bits of coolness that surround me every day make me so happy. Things like the zombie walks. Things like a hairpin Hyein Oswald sent me with my purchase from her that she made out of a fabric she knows I adore, or the extra buttons from Auntie Di's. Or the owner of my favorite local restaurant giving me free pastries every time I come in for a Vietnamese sandwich. Or someone returning my lost checkbook instead of stealing from me. Or a man and his little girl buying lunch for the homeless man who's always outside of the post office, bringing it to him and sharing a kind word. I like to let people go ahead of me in traffic at places where I know how impossible it is to turn left. People are so cool *sniffle*.
Photos courtesy of www.laughingsquid.com and Scott Beale.

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