I'm Back!

I'm home from my parent's house and I'm ready and raring to go for spring. I got a new haircut and color, and I feel so hawt! lol. And I had so much fun visiting my parents. My sister was feeling out of the loop (forgive the pun) because I got mom addicted to crochet and we are always talking about it. She wanted to learn as well, so I taught her and she did a wonderful job. Picked it up so fast! She made a sweet little coin purse for her first project. Now she's working on a cute bright yellow cloche! I showed mom how to crochet in the round as well and she made her first hat while we were there. It's a tam made from the same yarn as my funky red wrist warmer, and it's cutest on sissy so she got dibbs. It was just so cool sitting there with my mom and sister crocheting away. I managed to crank out an amigurumi mushroom and a nearly complete super-long scarf. Mom and I are starting another etsy store together, called Quirky Bindi, and it's going to be all about ethnic and tribal styled stuff we make, since it just doesn't fit in in my shop. I can't wait to get started!

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