Sense of Humor

This is my sewing machine: There's my backstitch lever, my thread tensioner, and my panic button. It's an old machine and not the best quality, so it has a lot of problems and I have to use that button quite often these days. Anywho, things are going kind of slow since it's midterm time. I need to get going on some new purses for the store but I can't seem to find the time. I've been working on a collage book for my bookmaking midterm and I got it done last night, hopefully I'll get a good grade, pics to come soon. I think I did a really good job on the Microeconomics test *crosses fingers*. Now that the work's winding down I should have more time to make stuff and get back to posting. Too much to do and too little time... Good thing I have a good sense of humor...

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