Meet Bentley...

This is Bentley. You may remember him from this post where I uncovered a treasure trove of unfinished amigurumi. I found him in this condition:

He was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my mom about, oh, three or four years ago. And he very nearly made it by the looks of things. I promised that I would sew him together for her this Christmas, and I did! Though, I forgot him on my desk when we went down to my parent's house so he just recently arrived in the mail for mom, and she loves him!

Bentley seemed a little miffed that it took me so long to finish him, and who can blame him? Once he was done he did not quite know what to do with himself...

He just kind of sat there looking around the apartment. It was getting awkward after a while so I gave him my ukulele to entertain himself with. Unfortunately, having no fingers, he could only play the chords of C, A, and Asus, which he insisted on calling the T chord.

He wrote a little ditty called "Cat", about, you guessed it, cats. It went on for hours until I finally had to pry it from his yarny paws so I could pack him up to send to mom.

What a hissy fit he threw! Big baby. But I assured him that he would have a grand adventure and end up in a wonderful new home with lots of things to do. So he waved goodbye for the camera and got right in the box with no trouble. Hope mom doesn't think he is too much of a handful!

It has been a long time since I have made an amineko, and I have one more grey one waiting to be finished which will probably be my last, and I think I might keep him. They are great to pose for pictures, obviously. If you want to make one for yourself I have the translation of the pattern right here. I am really really happy to have this little guy crossed off the list of unfinished projects. I have been working on some of the bigger ones, like the blankets and quilts, for a while now that it is cold here again. I have another finished amigurumi and a free pattern for it that I will post some time next week. Yay!


  1. I LOVE your humor and I LOVE the cat!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I do LOVE him...he has a new home in my craft cabinet ...keeping the two birds you made me company ...i call them tweet and twit...i think they tease him allot as most birds tease cats... but they have not dissapeared yet...sorry i took me so long to visit your blog...time flies ...pardon the pun :) MOM