How-Tuesday #1!

So remember me telling you about my new inspiration blog? Well, things are going great with it, and it is helping me clean up all my favorite photos, videos, poetry, and strange finds I have accumulated over the past year on my Delicious and Stumbleupon. But I decided I wanted to post all the cool tutorials and recipes over on this blog instead. So, I hereby give you the first-ever How-Tuesday post! I know a lot of other people do How-Tuesdays that feature tutorials that they themselves have made, but let’s face it, I have neither the time nor the brainpower these days to make my own tutorials every week. I hope these links will do the trick. I have for you today a lovely crochet pattern, a simple bread recipe, and a very funny bit of bacon.

A friend of mine at Stitch & Bitch always makes such lovely baby blankets and she was working on a yellow basket weave one the other week. And then I found this tutorial, so on to the to-do list it goes! You can find the tutorial here.

I have the book Artisan Bred in Five Minutes a Day, which I love, but I find the everyday sandwich breads to be a bit lacking. So I was very excited to find this recipe and tutorial, which looks simply delicious! I have been hankering to bake something lately and this might be it! Here is the link.

And last, but certainly not least, is this ridiculous photo tutorial to make a bacon candle. Ingenious? Definitely. Gross? Probably. I have to try it though... Here you go, you have been warned...


  1. :-( None of the links are working. All say "Not Found".

  2. Oops, do not know what went on there, but I think I fixed it! Sorry!

  3. Yes, they are working perfectly now! Thank you!