Well would you look at that...

Whilst I was rummaging through my closet, going through my old purses and looking for things to go into the "garage sale box", I happened upon this little fluff ball:

I clearly remember my sister giving me this neat-o handmade purse for my birthday some years ago, but it looked to be filled with unfinished crochet projects I scarcely remembered. As I started pulling them out of the bag it all came flooding back...

Unfinished crocheted flower brooches, cupcakes, acorns, wrist warmers, aminekos, business card holders, and various other nearly-finished amigurumi came pouring out. I know that the black amineko was supposed to be a Christmas present for my mother a couple years ago. I vaguely remember that this was the bag I kept all my projects in. I think it must have gotten lost in the fray when I moved out of my old apartment. I feel like such a heel for abandoning all of these projects right when they were so close to completion. But I will make it up to them... I guess I know what I will be doing at the stitch n' bitch meetups for the next few months! I really dislike the finishing-type steps, especially sewing ami's together. It just takes so long and is an all around pain in the tucus. I already have a little sheep done which is s-l-o-w-l-y being assembled, and I just finished a neat project for the shop that needs some blocking and ends woven in. But of course, it's needed that for weeks and I have yet to do it. Oh well. I will bring them to the group on Tuesday and hopefully get something done! Send me good energy so I can get things done, okay?

Ooh, did I mention I got my hair cut/dyed again? Does this count as a hobby since I seem to do it so often? lol! (The little mushroom brooch is from Jill over at the Minnow and the Bee etsy shop!)


  1. What a fun find! I also hate the finishing steps!

  2. it is always nice to find something that you thought, they have been "missing". I was wondering where do you buy your Japanese Fabric.

    Have a great weekend,

    Chase ^__^**