How-Tuesday 45 - Cakes, budgets, and tiny crochet!

Happy How-Tuesday! This week I found a great vertical layer cake tutorial, a whole site filled with budget-friendly goodies, and a sweet way to make a crochet scarf. I'd love it if you readers out there would send me some tutorials you're in love with, either via the comments here or e-mail them to me at ohthecuteness@hotmail.com. The more people participating, the more fun it will be, and feel free to post links to your own projects as well!

Firstly, I found this fantastic tutorial from the I Am Baker blog for creating vertical layers inside a cake in lieu of the traditional horizontal ones. How much fun would this be as a surprise?!

I stumbled upon a site called Budget 101 and kind of got lost in it for a long while. They have all kinds of DIY ideas, but the one I liked most was this huge page of mixes for all sorts of goodies that you can make in mason jars and give as gifts. Go check them out!

Lastly, I found this cute tiny squares scarf tutorial from Do You Mind if I Knit's blog. She has a quick pattern and a step-by-step version for beginners too! I know seaming this together would take a while, but I'm really tempted to make a baby blanket out of this...

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  1. That is a unique take on a layer cake :)
    what kind of frosting does it have on it ?