Fancy Friday #13 - Win a feather hair extension!

Happy Fancy Friday everyone! This week I've got a lovely outfit to show you, but first, I'm having another giveaway! In the above photo you'll notice I'm wearing a lovely feather and chain clip-in hair extension. I came upon a huge bin of these for sale at a local flea market for $3. I cannot believe how many there were! So I brought them home, sorted them out, and decided to give away any doubles on some Fancy Fridays here and there. And wait till you see what I'm giving away in October!
Anywho, if you'd like to win the 12-inch nickel-free clip in extension pictured above (has red, black, turquoise, and purple feathers), then all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post giving me suggestions for things you'd like to see me try on Fancy Fridays, whether it's a link to a photo/tutorial, or just a style like "punk" for instance. Also if there's anything I've done for Fancy Friday that you'd like to see a tutorial for I'm open to all your suggestions! The giveaway's winner will be announced once there's at least 20 comments, so be sure to share this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter so we have enough participants!
Now on to the fancy:

This skirt should look familiar to many of my long-time readers. I made it myself for Me-Made-May back in April of 2010. I never got to wear it during the challenge because I didn't have time to sew a shirt to go with it. But here she is! The fabric is all recycled off-cuts form a local dress designer, and the buttons and red velvet placket are vintage. I literally get stopped by strangers when I wear this outfit, so cool!

The shirt is from Target years ago, and is possibly the most flattering white button-down I've ever owned. I've noticed though that I never wear button-downs without rolling the sleeves up. Anyone else have this problem?

I adore wearing feathers in my hair. I had a real extension installed ages ago and I loved every second of it. I keep meaning to get another one but now that I have a surplus of really cool clip in ones I can change them to suit any outfit. The colors in this one matched the skirt, except for the purple, which became my inspiration for the eye makeup. 
I started with a chocolate brown all over the lid, added deep purple to the outer half and blended out and up into the crease, applied a shimmery gold on the inner corner and blended to the center, and topped it with some brown eyeliner and a little cream highlight under my brow. For my lips I used a bright orange Revlon lip stain.

The hair is pretty simple; I just took the front pieces and pinned them back with a couple butterfly clips, then topped those with this great wire framed bow clip I got from my friend at a clothing swap.

The bracelets are vintage costume jewelry, the ring is made form vintage buttons (from my friend's etsy shop), and the gold glasses necklace is from Forever 21.

And my lovely orange vintage-inspired kitten heels complete the outfit! Also seen here on FF #4!
Stay Fancy, and don't forget to leave me a comment to be entered in the contest!


  1. Cute outfit on you! It would be awesome to win the feather hair extension clip! Thanks :)

  2. love the happy colors and those shoes are darling!

  3. I would love to see an outfit on Fancy Friday with a Steampunk feel to it, not an all-out costume but maybe some gear earrings here, a golden chain necklace there.

  4. I'm in love with the skirt! For a fancy Friday post I'd love to see your interpretation of a boho/hippie look! Love the feathers! ;)

  5. Hey Chasey, I'd love to see you try the koralya hair style. My hair is too short, but I bet you could really rock it.