Fancy Friday #4!

Happy Fancy Friday! This week I wore one of my favorite dresses and added some 60's-inspired makeup and fun accessories, but the thing I'm proudest of is my hair!

Say whaaat?! I saw this tutorial on Pinterest for curling your hair with a straightening iron and decided I had to try it. I think it's worth repeating that I am totally inept at doing my hair. Once upon a time I owned a curling iron and I can't recall ever successfully using it. But the flat iron technique worked great! Best thing about it is that if you get a funky curl you just flatten it out again! Check out the tutorial, you won't be disappointed.

 The dress is an old one from Urban Outfitters that I got for $18 (originally $75). It's a bit of a policy of mine not to buy anything at UO unless it's on clearance.

 Evoking the pinup vibe! That cute clutch is from Target and was a gift from my mom.

 For my makeup, almost everything is from Sephora's line of cosmetics. The palest powder for the base (I don't like liquid concealer), the deepest pink blush along my cheekbones, sparkly black eyeliner with flicks, and silver eye shadow applied with a wet angle brush to the inner corners, lower rims, and just under my flicks. I was inspired by this look and these too. The mascara, brow pencil, and lipstick/ lip liner are Revlon. My lipstick is called "Lover's Coral" and I colored over my entire lip with a matching liner for staying power.

My necklace is a delicate little white enamel piece my sister brought back from France for me a long time ago. And my halo is actually a vintage necklace of yellow plastic beads. I love wearing it this way and use 2 bobby pins to keep it in place. I've been toying with the idea of making these for my etsy shop since the beads have to be light, knotted, and a very specific length in order to work. Any opinions?

The bracelets are from Paper Source and are made from recycled plastic by artisans in third world countries. I bought all of them together and they happened to match all the colors in the pattern on my dress, except for some turquoise ones which tie in with the clutch. And the shoes are Fioni from Payless and are so comfy!

Anyone out there have any fun and easy hairstyles for me to try soon? A lot of what I have bookmarked are braided styles and I need more practice before I can flaunt those! Oh, also, there's a couple more photos from this little shoot in my Fancy Friday album on my flickr.

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