Emo the Sad Amigurumi Sheep.

Meet Emo the sad sheep. No one really knows why he's sad. He has plenty of friends and a bitchin' sweater, plus all the tissues he could ever need. And yet there he is, always in a bad mood. Maybe he just needs a hug?

I love this little guy! I actually finished him quite a while ago but dragged my feet on his little tissue box, which is actually a box from a Japanese tissue-themed eraser (they make toilet paper ones too lol), that I filled with a folded up tissue instead. He didn't take a super long time to crochet, but seaming him together was a nightmare! He only sits about 5 inches tall, and I love the way his face is sculpted.

He's made from acrylic yarns, mostly good old Red Heart, plus some button eyes and a single glass teardrop. He's pretty true to the original from this Japanese craft book, ISBN4-309-26572-3:

See him hiding in the background on the upper right corner of the table? Poor Emo. Maybe he's sad because I want to sell him, but I know he'll go to a good home! He's going to be part of a big shop update happening all throughout next week. Tons of new owl pincushions, steampunk stuff, and new quirky goodies, plus Emo. If you end up falling for him and would like to call dibs, feel free to contact me on Etsy!

You can see more of my amigurumi exploits here, here, and here, and some more of my collection of Japanese craft books here, here, and here. Also, I've written a couple cute amigurumi patterns myself over the years, which you can find on my page of free crochet patterns.

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