Fascinators for my two favorite girls!

Last month I posted about making felt bead necklaces with Johnny's nieces. I also mentioned that they picked out pieces from my stash of vintage goodies (shown above) so I could make fascinators for them, and I thought I'd show off their designs!

 This one is for the youngest sister. She knew for sure she had to have the hat and the sparkly ball piece, but she left the other options pretty open for me by choosing lots of little charms and feathers. That little top hat was an interesting thing to try to attach to a feather pad and headband so it would be sturdy enough for a kid to wear, but I did it! It involved sewing through the hat and feathers, under the headband, and around the brim. I'm quite pleased!

 And this one's for the older sister. She had some very specific pieces and I had to work some artistic license into this one. But it came out great!

 They both liked them so much that they tried to kidnap me after lunch! But that kinda always happens when we have to part ways. Guess I have a fan club now lol!

I'm planning on doing the RAC Holiday Arts Festival again this year, which is where I sell most of my fascinators, but I promise this year I will list some on my etsy shop too, so keep a look out!

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  1. what a cute pic !
    summer fun ...
    i love these head bands !!!!