Fancy Friday #9

Happy Fancy Friday! This week I got all dolled up for a trip to San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. I went with a 1940's look, slightly updated with fun touches:

Gah I loooove this dress! It's from this amazing company based in the UK called Pepperberry. I am in love with everything they sell and I wish there was a store here in the US because we need one so bad! All of their clothes are designed for busty women. Not plus size, mind you, just girls with bodacious boobs no matter your body type. I've always had a problem with things fitting my shape: if I buy plus-size clothes they fit my chest but I'm swimming in them everywhere else, and I love showing my hourglass figure. But normal clothes, unless they're stretchy, tend to pull or gap at my bust.

But look at that! A chiffon shirt dress with buttons all the way down and not a gap to be found, and the belt is just for show since there's a lovely fitted waist band under it. If you take your measurements carefully they have a sizing guide on the website and their clothes feel like they are tailor-made. I have 2 dresses, a crop cardigan, and a long-sleeve top from them so far and I'm amazed with the quality and how well they fit me. Everything is lined, has plenty of darts and pleats to give a perfect fit, and nice reinforcing touches like hidden buttons and snaps. This isn't a sponsored post for them by the way (none of these posts have been sponsored so far), I'm just so in love with what they make! Oh also, the belt is from Target, and has floral on the reverse side so you'll probably be seeing it again soon!

For my makeup I took a hint from this look, using a cobalt blue eye shadow with a wet angle brush to do a classic cat eye liner. It was very dramatic and I loved it! The usual powder and bright blush on my face, and I mixed a natural pink lip stain and a berry-colored Revlon lipstick on my lips. The little gold bow in my hair is from Forever 21.

 And so is this cute little "Going Steady" brass necklace. I'm so smitten with it, and it was only $2.80!

 The nylons are a neat pair I've had for years. They're subtle fishnet under sheer black, and are thigh-high with garter clips so I got to wear a garter belt for more 1940's authenticity lol ^_~. I decided to wear my old favorite Chelsea Crew heels, though I wanted to wear a new similar pair of American Eagle heels I got at a local thrift shop. But it would have been my first time wearing them and I wasn't sure if they'd be as comfortable as these since I was on my feet a lot. Next time!

My hair just refused to behave at all this time. I tried doing pin curls in the morning but ran out of time and didn't let them dry enough. Then I tried diffuse drying some curls and it turned into a big foofy mess. So when all else fails, put it in a bun, right? And I'm actually quite glad I did because it complimented the streamlined makeup and my favorite simple gold jewelry.
Stay fancy!


  1. Thanks for the shopping tip, Chase! My blouses always pull open too, and I have to employ safety pins or size up and belt them. I love the eyeliner too.

  2. Ugh, I hate the dreaded blouse gap! I always end up having to wear an extra layer underneath so I'm not flashing people all day. I love the dress you have though, I'll definitely have to check it out!

  3. how classy !!! a great look... the total package is great on you !
    i really like your eyes better with just the top liner( or the more natural look make up, in some of the previous photos)...you have a natural beauty that need little enhancing ... the up -do hair was a good mistake too ...and i love the simplicity of the jewelry!..thanks for the info. m :)