Fancy Friday #8

Happy Fancy Friday! I'm in love with an 80's-inspired look I tried this week:

The cute little headband was made by Goody. I got a haircut recently and am still getting used to styling it. I've also overdyed my black up to red which makes it look ombre as it grows out (Fun!). Today I used my Damage Control spray from Redkin, blew it straight, flat ironed it, and added texturizing paste through the tips, a method inspired by this look.
I did a lot of black and gold jewelry inspired by the headband's bow: my minuscule black bow necklace is from Forever 21, and I wore the daily bunting necklace in this post and my American Eagle Outfitters gold chevron necklace in this one.

 This dress is from Target and is so fun, bright, flirty, and short that I feel like a rockstar! I paired it with plain black opaque tights, a chevron belt from Ann Taylor Loft, and my black oxford heels seen in this post.

 These shoes are actually incredibly comfortable and I can be on my feet all day in them! <3 p="">

 Check out the beadwork on that belt! Love it. The jet bracelet belonged to my grandmother, and the gold bracelet is my favorite piece of vintage jewelry I ever found at the local antique shop. I wore it in the first Fancy Friday post.

 For my makeup I was inspired by this look and this one but instead of a gold smoky eye I decided to do neater liquid liner with flicks. The liner and gold shadow are both Sephora brand. And on my lips I did a hot pink Revlon lip stain underneath a warm nude-colored Truco lipstick and a touch of Sephora liner.
Anywho, I have an amazing new dress from a really cool company that I can't wait to share soon, till next week, stay fancy ^_~.

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  1. Looking very 80's indeed ! as well as very colorful :) love the lip color !