A lovely antique jeweler's bench is finally in the craft room!

If you remember in my big craft room reveal post I mentioned that there was one piece of furniture missing. It's finally here and all set up, and I've used it quite a bit. It's an antique jeweler's bench that my dad had in his office for his watch repair business. He's been able to retire from that recently and I snatched it up! It's got amazing storage capacity and is so awesome. I'd like to clean it up and paint it one of these days, and possibly put a new top on it, but for now it's working just fine. Check it out:

Plenty of storage, and the pad that pulls out is to catch things when you drop them! Changed my life.

 Oodles of graduated drawers on the side keep all my jewelry and steampunk supplies in order.

One of my favorite features is that not only does it have a few shelves inside the leg for more storage, but it has this built in outlet at the front. This makes it so much easier for me to work with my hot glue gun, dremel, or soldering iron!

Sitting on top I have my time clock (haha), a jar of bottle caps, a rack full of earrings I've made, my vintage Turtles tin that houses some owl weights, and a great porcelain egg tray from Anthropologie that I use to keep separate piles of beads in as I'm working. Nifty!

There was just enough room for my dressmaker's dummy at the end (She's wearing a vintage frock Johnny and I picked up while visiting my parents. It needs a few repairs and then I'll be wearing it around town!)
Many thanks to my dad and mom for letting me have this workbench and chair set, it was just the right thing to complete my creative space!

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  1. i knew you would really use that bench !
    it is really so great for keeping things sorted out...