Fancy Friday #11 - Rosie the Riveter

Happy Fancy Friday everyone! And bonus, FF now includes pants! Who says you have to wear dresses to be fancy? This look was 100% inspired by Rosie the Riveter.

Red skinny jeans are from Wal-Mart of all places, don't ask me why I was there (11 bucks though!), which I rolled up for that retro look, and the shirt is from Target.

I started with the hair for this look and built around it. My bangs are getting so long I can do my mini pompadour now! Just brush your bangs upward, gather, give a little twist, then fold back and push forward to make the poof as big as you want and secure with a couple clips. I find this style's easier to do while my bangs are still wet. I spray some hair spray on it and brush my hand up gently to tame any fly-aways. And I used a rolled-up vintage triangular head scarf tied in a knot to finish. The ends are tucked under behind my ears with bobby pins.

I used the usual powder finish on my face with some rosy blush. I used a red lip stain from Revlon instead of a heavier red lip, and a classic cat eye liner shape was drawn on with my black Sephora liquid liner. I'm getting really fast at putting the liner on now too! Before it seriously took me an hour or so of wiping off and starting over, but now I can do it in a few minutes without too much trouble. Success!

 To go with the flirty reds I went for a cupid-inspired jewelry set, including a gold heart necklace from a yard sale, a hearts ring from Therapy, and an arrow bangle form Cost Plus World Market.

 I know Rosie most likely wouldn't be wearing wedges to work in the factory, but I can't get enough of these Ralph Lauren Shoes, also seen in last week's post. I'm afraid I'm going to wear them to death!
More next time, stay fancy!

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