Fancy Friday #10, Plus a Great Makeup Tip!

Happy Fancy Friday! This week my style is nature-inspired, but this time it's the darker side of the forest. I spent my Fancy Friday in Temescal Alley in Oakland where all the shops are super-hipstery and amazingly curated. My favorite of all of them is Crimson, which sells horticultural rarities and terrarium supplies. Do go see this place if you have the chance, it's amazing! Anywho, on to the fashion!

Both the skirt and the top are pieces I snagged from my ever-stylish friend Alex at a clothing swap. I have mentioned her in posts time and time again on here, and you might be seeing much more of her in the near future (Ooooh secrets!).

My Zooey bangs are already getting so long that I have to push them to the side most days, and I was in a bit of a rush so I just let my hair dry and put this great Vintage Rose Wrap headband I got at the Mid-State Fair last month. They're all handmade and they have belts too, go check out their website if you want one!

I went a lot darker on the eye makeup than I normally do this time, and I'm relatively happy with the way it came out. I was inspired by a pink smoky eye I saw on Pinterest. It was a lot of putting too much on then taking it off to get what I wanted lol. I still have a lot to learn... Anywho, for the lips I just did a pink lip stain and sheer gloss over it, very light and nice for wearing out.

 Besides the flowers, my jewelry really brought out the dark forest vibe. I got the amazing bird skull necklace at a boutique in my home town called Firefly. It's a great shop and sells only handmade goods, so it feels like Etsy in real life! I paired that with a tiny gold fox head necklace from Forever 21, and an antique bone bracelet and horn bangle. The scarf is a black infinity piece with tassels from Kohl's.

Oh man do I love these shoes! Got them on sale at Macy's to wear with my dress for my upcoming housewarming party, and they're Ralph Lauren. The sweater tights are from Urban Outfitters, and incredibly warm and comfy!

One more thing before I go. Remember the eyeliner I did last week? Well, the color I used was from this huuuuge palette of shadows I got recently, and we all know those are impossible to carry around for touch-ups, so I came up with this nifty little solution:

 Since I used a wet angle brush to apply the shadow as a liner, I took that same brush, moistened it, and loaded it up with the color. Then I snagged a cap from one of my pencil liners that fit snugly around the brush.

This way, if you need to do a touch up, you simply add a couple drops of water to the edge of the brush and reapply the shadow/liner the same way you did at home! Luckily this stuff stayed on really well but I had great peace of mind knowing I could fix a flick if I accidentally rubbed it off! Hope this helps someone out there! Until next week, stay fancy!

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  1. so pretty :) love the hair to the side and the make up is great on you!
    those shoes look very comfy, as well as cute ...