Fancy Friday #2

Happy Fancy Friday! This week I was inspired by this cute look and wanted to try the whole belt-over-cardigan look:

We were going to a local production of "Reefer Madness" that night, so I thought a fun splash of purple would be nice.

 I got the minidress and belt at a local thrift store for $4 a piece! I added my purple amethyst slab ring and some cloisonne and rope bracelets that also had touches of purple, and a mood ring on the other hand. The cardi is from Target.

 Since we were going out in the evening, I did my eye shadow a bit darker that I usually do with shades of green and black, and I added some watermelon pink wet-look gloss to my lips. The necklace was a birthday gift from a friend.

The purple tights are from Target - they always seem to have a great selection of fun colors. And the shoes were found at a discount shoe outlet for a song! (Haha that's my anklet I can't get off under the tights.)

For my hair I did a simple messy bun with bobby pins and added my great grandmother's art deco comb!
I think next week I'll try doing my nails too. Opinions on the cardigan under the belt look on me?


  1. You are totally pulling off the belted sweater.

    For some reasons i think it looks great on other ladies but weird when I try it. Maybe it is just one of those things that feels awkward because you aren't used to it.

    So is Johnny getting dapper on the fancy driday too?

  2. i liked this and posted to my pinterest " coverings "
    page ... m :)