Highlights from Summer Renegade SF, Part 1.

During Renegade Craft Fair this summer I was able to work for both Woodcut Maps and Leafcutter Designs simultaneously, with their booths only being a handful of spaces apart. Mostly I worked at WCM though, as we always like to have some maps in various stages of assembly to show people how it's done. I introduced you to my lovely bosses in my post about Maker Faire, and Renegade was just as much fun! We made a giant map with our logo as our signage, and behind it is a customer testing out the website, which we have up on a couple of laptops and a big screen that passers-by can see too.

All of the pre-made maps we designed were hung on these crazy graphic screens. The one above right of the bay was one of our top-selling designs, it was so lovely!

Cat is such a lovely lady to work for, we are having a work retreat in Tahoe this week and I am so excited!

We also made greeting cards and tiny "prints", which were just simple map cutouts mounted on colored paper for framing. The response was great, and we hope to do Renegade again in the future! I've got some lovely photos of the Leafcutter Designs booth for my next post, so until then!

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