Highlights from Summer Renegade, Part 2.

You got to see some of Woodcut Maps' booth here, and now I want to gush about Leafcutter Designs' booth! I am soooo jealous of her space. She recently redesigned it to make it easier for people to shop since most of her items are super tiny, and the construction and layout is perfect. I forgot my kit lens that day so it was impossible for me to get a shot of the whole thing, but here are my favorite parts:

Lea collects tons of awesome vintage and new pieces to showcase and play off of her objects. She found this tiny writing desk that's the perfect size for displaying her tiny mail kit.

A little antique metal flatbed truck hauls her tiny packages, and the vintage mailbox bank is too cute!

A vintage metal child's fridge holds her recipe dice! Ugh soooo cuuute!

Probably my favorite part of the booth was the clever use of  working gumball machines and sewing drawers as structural supports for the wood shelves. Also, not shown, are the lovely tablecloths sewn from vintage flour sacks.

Thoughtful vintage trinkets that inspired her products bound all over the booth. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness is unparalleled.

And displaying the fortune teller napkins, which need to be ironed into shape, on a vintage kid's ironing board with the little iron?! Killing me here!

Notebook paper embroidery kits in a vintage Playskool sewing box. I might have to find one of these on eBay someday.

Cocktail dice displayed in, what else, a vintage cocktail shaker. They're also on and in an old wine crate.

I really need to get my butt in gear and make a really great single table and large booth design for this year, because hers is just too inspiring! More on that later hopefully! There's some extra photos of the fair on my flickr, here.

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