Here there be pirates!

Johnny and I are off enjoying the long Valentine's weekend in San Francisco, so here's another goofy filler post for ya!

My friend Glen (Check out his shop where he sells his wonderfully tiny paintings!) recently threw a pirate-themed birthday shindig for his lovely fiance. When we heard the words "costume contest" we knew we were shoe-ins, being complete nerds and already having epic costumes from prior events stashed away.

The party also boasted a rum drink contest, which we kinda sorta also won, but it was ruled we couldn't win all the contests so we had to relinquish the best cocktail title to my friend Vanessa and her vegan hot buttered rum. I made a version of my Drowning Mermaid cocktail, last seen at my housewarming party, but I substituted peach juice for the guava and it was delish!

There were also fun games like finding hidden pirate flags, a treasure map version of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and a coin toss. Oh, and our prizes for the costume contest? I got a hobo knife (pocket knife on one side, little fork on the other - awesomeness), and a wicked cool skull tumbler for Johnny. Makes me want to throw my own costume party... Hmm...

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