The Last A Fair to Remember Recap

The last A Fair to Remember was very fun. I only brought owl pincushions and my new owl plushies to the table, and I felt very prepared and happy. I had a great time hanging out with Errol and meeting the other vendors, but a Giants game that started in the afternoon on that day really cut down on our foot traffic and affected sales. Oh well, what can you do?

Great hipstery band.

Owls looking longingly for a new owner.

Errol in his lucky sale flannel.

I remember making these as a kid and I loved that she was selling them.

The bar nextdoor had Errol at hello.

He suddenly realized that this is a serious matter.

Until next spring...

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  1. Love those owls... I would not be able to walk away from such a display without purchasing at least a half-dozen of the cuties.