Happy Thanksgiving... Better late than never!

Finally my whirlwind holiday season is over! I am so backlogged with blogs it's kind of ridiculous... I guess I'll just start with Thanksgiving and try to work my way back from there, with a couple detours. This year we had our usual "orphan's feast" where we get all our friends who aren't able to visit family together and pig out. It was lovey, and there were 11 of us in total which was the largest yet!

I made little place cards for everyone, total cost was $5.00 for the supplies!

Had to rearrange the living room to fit in all the borrowed tables and chairs!

I used our plates and some Bambu plates, mismatched water and wine glasses, and mismatched colorful napkins tied with ribbon scraps. Candles in vintage milk glass and mercury glass holders formed the centerpiece. Dennis and I made the turkey, sweet potatoes (fresh, not canned), roasted squash, and butternut squash pie, and everyone else brought tons of delicious goodies to share.

As is tradition, we played Zombies!, my favorite board game. As well as the game where you stick a name on your forehead and try to guess who you are. Does anyone know the name of that game? And of course we had to play with the hamster that belongs to our house guest, she's just too sweet! (These pictures were taken by my fabulous friend Alex.)

Also, just a little new year's update: I hope you all like the new blog design!