How-Tuesday #25!

Hi all! I was out of town for last weeks How-Tuesday but here we go for this week! We have leather lanyards, a beautiful bouquet, and yet another peanut butter pie recipe!

Everyone has probably made those bright plastic lanyards at some point in their childhood. Now you can make a grown-up version! Here is the great tutorial.

I love these wedding bouquets made from vintage up-cycled brooches. Check out the how-to here.

I think I already posted a peanut butter pie recipe in the early days of How-Tuesday. But really, can you ever have too many peanut butter pie options? One day I will make a bunch of different ones and see which is the best, even though all of them have been amazing thus far. Here is the recipe.

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  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    thanks for the braclet directions...