How-Tuesday #24!

Hi all! I think I may have missed How-Tuesday last week, probably because I had the day off which threw me all out of whack. Anywho, this week I have cinnamon roll pancakes, ruffled streamers, and as a bonus, a huge directory of sewing patterns.

I am not usually a big fan of cinnamon rolls (sticky buns are another story though). But for some reason these pancakes look effing delicious, yes? Here is the recipe.

There is still time left for one more summer party, and these streamers would be the best decoration! I am obsessed with paper garlands lately, so here is yet another one to add to the to-do list. Here is the beautiful tutorial.

And lastly, I stumbled upon this list of the 100 best sewing tutorials on the web. I may have featured 1 or 2 here in the past, but there are so many more! Check it out here.

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  1. oh cinnamon roll pancakes - Is it wrong that I want to go home and make them now?