New Photography

Lately I have been trying really hard to be better about taking my camera with me and taking lots of photos. I took my camera with me on the trip I took down to Paso on Fathers Day and I got some great shots of my parents which you saw in this post. I also was inspired by this great website, Dear Photograph, to try my hand at some layered pictures from the past, and here are the results:

The last one is my absolute favorite! I had a hard time with the sun setting and I had to get my mom to move the car out of the driveway and wait for me to be done and she was such a good sport about it! And yes, I liked pink and I had a broken wrist. I wanted to do more of these but mom gave me most of the old family photos and these were the only ones I could find of the outside of the house and it was too dark inside. Next time I visit I will bring some more out of my albums and include some other places in town. What fun!

I have a lot of qualms when it comes to my photography, but I have always loved doing it and I am sure it will continue to be a bigger and bigger part of my art. I really prefer film photography, and while I am no expert - not by a long shot - I feel like the best photos I take are film-based. I promise I will take a day to scan all my recent work. That is one great advantage of digital - the fact that it is so easy to share with the world. And I love the way you can customize it, really make it your own. Its hard to take a truly bad photo on a digital camera, and for that reason I think I have a problem with my ability to edit down a collection of shots to get just the best ones... Yet another thing I am working on. I have long aspired to sell prints of my work and I feel like I am finally getting some really good photos done after years of working on my personal style and getting better at post-processing. The following 3 photos, a little series I call Leaving Town, were paired down from a dozen to five, and then to these best three and I am really proud of myself for that. I am very happy with these, so much so that I think I will do a limited run of prints and sell them on my etsy. Soon.

And as usual, you can see the higher-res versions of these on my flickr.


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    You did a great job layering your photos! Absolutely adorable!

  2. Such an awesome Dear Photograph project!!! Great job!

  3. Anonymous7:43 AM

    your having fun !