I wish I could enter my own contest. Srsly.

They should call me "little miss last-minute" these days, but at least I am getting things done and not letting important deadlines pass me by. My schedule got thrown out of whack because I went to visit my parents for a little pre-birthday fun this past weekend. I had hoped to post this stuff last Wednesday and to have done a shop update on Saturday, but I had to switch days off and spent them all in Paso. Anywho, blah blah blah, let's get to the good part, yes? Here's the spread of prizes, all waiting to be arranged in the pretty little baskets I went on and on about yesterday:

Yaaay! So I have picked all these little goodies out from the most coveted parts of my stash, and made some too! We have:

Vintage Japanese tin butterfly pins, amigurumi acorns (with hanging loops), fancy little spools of baker's twine, vintage cotton mushrooms, and vintage flower beads...

Big baggies of vintage and new buttons, some Japanese dessert erasers, and some little blue plaid 3-D Scottie dog embellishments...

The little mushrooms, of course...

Japanese mushroom clips, Pandapple tape, and little spools of argyle ribbon...

Japanese stationary, fat quarters of fabric, and little Japanese craft books about felting, origami, and bead work.

Phew! Add to that the gift certificates and the little zip pouches that I couldn't photograph tonight because of a dead camera battery and you get some pretty sweet little gift baskets. I wish I could win one... But that would just be silly! You still have until tomorrow night at 9 p.m. to enter, so keep those comments coming!


  1. That stash would make my day! I love all of it! Hope I win!

  2. Hi! i just discovered your blog thanks to whipup.net(they featured your baskets)! i wonder if i can enter your giveaway because i'm from italy, if i can't,well don't mind!
    i really like your blog,full of inspo and great projects!!
    i've already put the link at your blog in my favorites,hope you don't mind it!
    bye from "the boot" ^_^
    ps.sorry for my bad english :-(

  3. Cute, cute, cute. Can't wait to see who wins!

  4. Anonymous3:39 AM

    I just found your great blog an the giveaway - isn´t that tooo cute. This is full of inspiration, i just subscribed and now I browse through the whole blog. I´d love to try if i´m lucky in your giveaway, but I´m from Europe, too - is it possible?

    Bye, Kati

  5. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Forgot to say that I absolutely LOVE those felt Mushrooms!!!!!!

    Bye, Kati

  6. That stash is awesome! I would love it!

  7. I, too, just found you through whipup (love them) (love the baskets)... It's a rainy day today and I am looking forward to reading your blog to liven it up! (um, except I am at work, so maybe lunch time, LOL)

  8. Hello Chase,
    It's nice to have give-aways. The little marshrooms are just cute cute cute!!
    Chase ^___^**

  9. Anonymous6:50 AM

    oooh, all those little pretties make my heart skip a few beats. Have a great weekend,

  10. Thanks so much everyone!
    To all the gals form out of the country:
    If you win, of course I will ship it to you! I want everyone to be included!

  11. omg, these are too adorable! i love it :)

  12. I just love your blog and the baskets have been added to my to do list! I would like to be entered in the give away! You have a great blog here, you are on my short list of blogs I follow all the time.

    Thanks for the great inspriation!


  13. Those buttons look adorable. They'd go great with the new sweater I'm making.