Happy 4th of July!

Well, the plans are still up in the air for our day, but I think we will be going out to Dublin to have a family picnic with Dennis' dad and his nieces, whom I absolutely adore! And they let you set off fireworks of your own at a few parks in the area, so I am hoping I can convince everyone to do that. I love little fireworks, we did them every year in Templeton when I was little. Dennis and I are going to go to the farmer's market and get some goodies to make lots of delicious and healthy picnic food. I think I will have to make the green bean salad posted over on Smitten Kitchen, her blog makes me drool buckets. I cannot wait until the garden actually starts producing full grown veggies, right now it is mostly herbs and a little spinach we have been harvesting.

Which reminds me, I never did post pictures of the garden when it was new, but since we started almost everything from seed there wasn't much to look at. I wish I had snapped some pictures of it right as all the seeds were sprouting though. It is such a wonderful feeling to see all the baby plants come to life and to know you had a hand in helping them. But as you can see by these pictures, I am going to have a glut of tomatoes and zucchini/summer squash. But that's why I have been gearing up my canning skills; can you say home made pasta sauce, pickles, and chutney for the next year? Booya. Oh, and the gnome was given to me by Jill and I think he is very happy in his new home. Thanks Jill!

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  1. Valence Balance3:05 PM

    That gnome is awesome. :-) When your garden grows I'm sure you'll post a veggie pic that will leave everyone drooling. It looks like it turned out great.

  2. thanks for posting the garden pics! it looks fantastic since your tilling days. i am happy the gnome has a home in the outdoors. he looks perfect!

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    looking good !
    bring me some zuccs if you have too many... and please, dry me some oregano (just hang up some sprigs)... and bring them along with you ... i didn't grow any this year :( glad to see you kept the bird feeder M