First Quilt Status Update!

Hi there! I'm about to dash out the door to go hang with the most lovely group of people ever at my stitch n' bitch group, but I am so excited I just had to post this:

Halfway there baby! I have never been able to stay focused long enough to get a quilt past the brainstorming stage, and this one is nearly done! I had some help from pre-cut squares. I will go more into what this quilt is made up of as soon as I finish it, and I will throw a pattern and written tutorial up here too. This big patchwork square is all done, and I think I will frame it with white to make it a rectangle and then I will make a pieced back out of the leftover solid colors and some other fabric, which I haven't chosen yet. I am thinking about binding it either with the yellow with grey and black dots or with one of the fabrics that includes all the colors, though I'm leaning towards the yellow because otherwise I would have to buy some more fabric,a nd I'm trying not to. Sorry for the rushed post, but I'm off to crochet my butt off!

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  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    this is coming out great!
    love the color scheme :) M