For your reading convenience...

I've noticed lately that a lot of blogs are utilizing Bloglovin, so for those of you who use it regularly I thought I'd better jump on the band wagon. There's a link on the sidebar, click on it to add me to your Bloglovin account!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. I know nothing about Bloglovin, what is it?

  2. Done :) Since I also use Bloglovin and with 2 Followers you now have more followers than me ;) , I really won´t be upset, if you´d follow me too ;) but of course only, if you´d like to and if you find my blog somewhat interisting.

    Greetings from Berlin, Mone

  3. It's another way to follow blogs, kind of like a Google reader or the Blogger follower system, but I think it's geared mostly towards fashion blogs. It's just a nice way to keep up with some blogs that have a format not easily supported by the other readers (this one has bigger pictures than most I've noticed), all in one place. You'll probably notice the logo floating around people's side bars now that you know it exists lol.